Black Desert PS4 Update 2.27 Brings Back Red Battlefield

Pearl Abyss announced the full list of Black Desert Update 2.27 Patch Notes to sink your teeth into, bringing with it a wealth of character changes and the return of Red Battlefield.

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The latest update is here and brings the return of Red Battlefield, improved Red Battlefield rewards and a round of balance changes. Read on to find out what this update has to offer.

● Red Battlefield was added to the game,

● The rewards that can be earned from Red Battlefield have been improved.

– Changed the obtainable “Red Seal”, depending on the results of the Red Battlefield, to “Battlefield Token”.

The “Battlefield Token” is a new form of the “Red Seal”, and you can exchange a smaller amount of this item for Red Essences. You can also get other items that are useful in your adventure.

* Therefore the objective for the victory on Red Battlefield! daily quest you can complete on the red battlefield has changed to Get Battlefield Token x5.

* You can no longer get the “Red Seals” from the red battlefield. However, it has been changed so that you can sell it to an NPC seller for 500,000 silver.

● The portrait size ratio has been adjusted in the employee list and tooltips for employees.
● The order of the NPCs in the ‘Find NPC Window’ has been changed to reflect your current position in the Main Story Quest.
● Changed the description text that appears on the area where you select a die in Black Spirit’s Adventure to read more naturally

● The UI size and position of the item for which the notification was received has been adjusted. †

● Improved system messages displayed for the following actions to provide clearer guidance.
– When you try to store items associated with your character in your storage or mount inventory, the text “A character-bound item” is displayed.
– If you try to accept more than the maximum allowed number of missions, the text “You can’t do any more missions because you have exceeded the number of missions you can complete at the same time”, will be displayed.
– When you try to accept more than the maximum number of guild missions allowed per day, the text “”You can no longer accept guild missions because you have exceeded the daily limit”” is displayed.

● Reduces the area of ​​the map expanded on the world map window when acquiring the geographic knot knowledge of the Longleaf Tree Sentry Post in Calpheon.
● Fixed an issue where you could not earn Life EXP when collecting or processing the following items:
– Sulfur, black gold ingot
– Griffon leather, Gazelle Meat, Bird meat
– Tough Flax Fabric, Dusky Cotton Fabric, Dawn Fallen Silk
● Fixed an issue where the Pit-A-Pat Mole appearing during Farming would sometimes not drop a special item after being chased away.
● Fixed an issue where a Trainer’s Whistle notification was displayed even when summoning mounts for which you cannot use the Trainer’s Whistle or Celestial Call Horn.
● Fixed an issue where the Violent Altar Imp would initiate attacks on high-ranking characters and mounts.
● Fixed an issue where the “All Dodge” effect applied when using the Dream Horse Diné, Earth, or Protection ability would be different.
● Changed the error message that was displayed when attempting to view the Worker List on the Worker Exchange when there are no Workers in the list.
● When the crow’s nest quest was completed with a buccaneer, the issue where certain quests would remain in the UI once completed.
● Changed an inconvenient part of the Progression Pass and Season Pass tooltips.
● Fixed an issue where the Challenge/Login Reward and other UIs were displayed even in a battle zone when reaching Lv. 7 on a newly created character.

For a complete overview of the various character changes, see the here