Black Widow: Disney’s lawyer attacks Scarlett Johansson

Since Scarlett Johansson decided to sue Disney for the simultaneous release of Black Widow, the war has never ended.

Scarlett Johansson remains strong and continues her legal battle against Disney. Weeks ago, the actress decided to sue the company due to the premiere of Black Widow, since it ended up being a simultaneous premiere, both in theaters and in Disney +. Apparently, this was not what they had agreed to and the interpreter decided not to keep quiet.

In an interview with Variety, Daniel Petrocelli, Disney’s lawyer, decided to strongly attack Scarlett Johansson and the entire campaign she is doing against the company because of Black Widow. According to the man, it is a “Highly orchestrated public relations campaign to achieve a result that could not be achieved with litigation. No amount of public pressure can change or overshadow explicit contractual commitments. The written contract is crystal clear ”.

Several sources claim that Bob Iger, Former Disney CEO, he’s “mortified” with the whole Black Widow scandal. On the other hand, they assure that Kevin Feige, director of Marvel, is not at all happy with this situation. Apparently he doesn’t like the way the conflict is being handled. Of what there is no doubt, is that Scarlett Johansson and Disney will fight until the end for this problem.

An endless scandal

On July 9, Black Widow hit theaters and simultaneously on the Disney + platform. This happened after a year of delays due to covid-19. Although the cinemas had already been open for months, Disney was afraid that not many people would be in the rooms. For this reason, he released the movie on the streaming service at an additional cost of $ 30.

In cinemas, Black Widow was screened on more than 30,000 screens around the world. After a certain time had passed, Scarlett Johnasson decided not to remain silent and sued Disney, accusing him of breaching the contract. Since said contract specified only a premiere in commercial theaters. Disney described the actress’s complaint as “sad and worrying”, also questioning her compassion for the people who have lost so much during this health crisis.