Blade Runner 3 doesn’t look like it will ever exist

After Denis Villeneuve’s sequel, Blade Runner 3 remains an unknown. However, the latest reports do not bode well.

Mackenzie Davis He is having a very interesting career. His last premiere in hbo maxentitled Station raise, it only confirms his great talent. An actress who also has extensive experience in the world of franchises after having participated in Terminator: Dark Fate and in blade runner 2049. In the latter she played Mariettea replicant of nexus 8 who was part of the replicant release group. He did not participate much, but generated a lot of theories in the face of blade runner 3.

Although the film won praise from the press and viewers, and even won two oscars by the Hollywood Film Academy, the international box office did not accompany. The film earned just $250 million. Bearing in mind that the investment reached 150 million dollars, it is logical that Warner Bros. have not confirmed blade runner 3. A pity, since the film franchise is very worthwhile. And we love cyberpunk.

Mackenzie Davis leaves the door open for a continuation, although she does not expect it

Actress Mackenzie Davis recently spoke on Collider and wanted to share his thoughts on the future of blade runner 3. He wanted to highly praise Denis Villeneuve, as one of the most interesting filmmakers of recent years. And he also gave his opinion on the reception of the film. However, regarding the possibility of a continuation with Mariette as the protagonist, the actress stated that «I never had that impression. I’m not trying to be shy, but I didn’t feel like this was the first part of Mariette.«.

Does this mean that we will not have the long-awaited sequel? It can be, but maybe it’s a sign that she could be open to doing it if they put it to her. «Making the film felt like I was fulfilling a very strange dream. The original was my favorite movie and suddenly I was shooting its sequel. I thought it was amazingMackenzie Davis acknowledged. Hopefully one day they will confirm us blade runner 3, be it with Mackenzie Davis or with another actor or actress. But we want more of this cyberpunk universe.