Blizzard details what they’re doing to fight Diablo II: Resurrected Server Issues

Diablo II: Resurrected has had constant server problems for the past six days, so severe that players are asking for refunds, which is why the company has taken to his community forums to try and explain what exactly is going on and how they plan to deal with the problems they are facing.

The full post is a well detailed explanation of the issues they face, how snow storm manages its servers and what they do to fix it. You can Read the whole post here if you want, but this is the short summary at the beginning of the post for those who don’t have the time.

“tl;dr: Our server outages are not caused by a single problem; we solve every problem as it arises, with both mitigating solutions and longer-term architectural changes. A small number of players have experienced loss of character progression, any loss due to a server crash should be limited to a few minutes. This is not a complete solution for us and we will continue to work on this issue. Our team, with the help of others at Blizzard, is working to bring the gaming experience to a place that feels right for everyone.”

However, a dive into the post shows that the issues appear to stem from a spike in servers last Saturday morning, resulting in a global outage on their side. However, their efforts to reduce this traffic didn’t work as they were able to run the game for a short while until they encountered another global outage.

Other issues, however, stem from the fact that they’ve used a lot of the game’s old code in this remake, and aspects of that code are essentially not enough to sniff for what snow storm Called “modern player behavior” in the sense that the way people play the game now allows for many more games to quickly create, load, and destroy, back to back. All it does is put more pressure on their servers.

snow storm have also found issues along the way as they continue to investigate the issues so adding this to the ‘fix-it’ list just adds to the amount of time this whole fix will take.

They also explained why players may have lost progress between outages, saying that this was ultimately due to a choice they made to keep the game going for people to keep playing rather than tearing it down for everyone to play. save people’s progress.

In terms of what they do to try and make sure the servers don’t “fall over” again if snow storm mentioned, they will use a few short term tools such as speed limiting which could potentially throw an error although that is an expected event.

There will also be a login queue and critical services for the game will be broken down into smaller services so that they can be handled on a more reasonable scale.

Suffice it to say that snow storm has quite a task ahead of them, and it doesn’t look like these problems they are facing will be solved anytime soon. For now, it’s probably best to be patient and give the team the time they need before logging in again. I’m sure all our backlogs could use some love.

Source – [Blizzard]