Blizzard is developing a new survival game for consoles and PC

Announced as a recruiting tool, it looks like: snow storm is developing a brand new survival game, intended for both consoles and PC.

A blog post on the official snow storm website contains a piece of concept art that appears to depict a floating castle, and a world that is different from one that resembles our own.

The post itself does nothing to really distract as to what kind of game this will be. A survival game, yes, but will it be a survival MMO or a multiplayer game on a smaller scale. Beyond that, the kind of adventure, characters, and world we’re sure to see are all still up in the air.

Honestly, there’s not much to say other than it’s nice to hear that we’re getting a brand new IP address. It’s always exciting to see what world we could all get lost in next.

Of course, with Microsoft have acquired snow storm, there are questions about which consoles this will appear on. However, we are still not clear which games were previously required to come PS5 or PS4and which ones don’t.

Until we get more details, at least we can have fun speculating in hyperboles.

For example, I bet all the leaves blowing in the wind in the image actually mean you’re controlling the wind. It’s a survival game, but one where everyone has to fight you to survive, as you manifest cold and high winds that are terrible enough to freeze anyone where they stand. It will be called Winddeveloped by Snowstorm.

It probably isn’t, but wouldn’t it be cool if I suspected it that way?

Source – [Blizzard]