Bloober Team Comments on The Medium PS5 Possibility

Bloober Team’s upcoming psychological horror game, The medium, will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X / S and PC on January 28, but when quizzed about a PlayStation 5 port, the developer declined to rule out the possibility.

“For now, we’re only focusing on Xbox and PC,” producer Jacek Zięba told VG247 during a recent interview. As noted by the folks at PushSquare, Bloober Team made the exact same statement about 2019’s Blair Witch, which was first released on the Xbox One and PC, followed by a PS4 release just four months later.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that The medium will take the same route, Bloober Team has not denied anything either, and it has also remained cautious about the next plans The medium‘s launch.

“We’ll never know,” replied lead designer Wojciech Piejko when asked what’s next for the studio. ‘It’s always like, okay, so what’s next? Could be Observer 2 or maybe … we always wonder. So we are not closing doors, but for the moment we can only say that there will be darkness behind those doors. “

In June last year, reports surfaced that Bloober Team was involved in talks about a merger or acquisition. There was speculation that Microsoft, which has spent a lot of money building its first-party portfolio, was considering acquiring the studio. However, there are no further updates on this front.

For now it remains to be seen what Bloober Team has in store next. We keep our eyes open.

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