Bloody theory about Monsters SA (2001)

Monsters SA is a funny Pixar movie that was released in 2001, but it could have a terrifying explanation thanks to a theory.

The movie SA monsters grossed $528 million and its characters immediately became favorites of millions of children around the world. In addition, in 2013 they premiered Monsters University that was the prequel and now there’s even a series on Disney Plus, the streaming platform that can be accessed through this link.

Anyone who has seen the movie knows exactly how energy works in that world. Since the monsters first obtained it from the screams caused by the scares they gave to human children. To do this, they have a factory with doors that connect to their rooms. Sulley (original voice John Goodman) is the best scarer, but he makes a mistake and a girl sneaks into the world of monsters. Instead of notifying the authorities, together with his friend Mike Wazowski (original voice Billy Crystal) They decide to hide her and return her home without anyone knowing. Although this causes chaos throughout the city. But the best of all is that Sulley discovers that with laughter you get much more energy and that is why at the end of SA monsters They totally change the industry from screaming to humor.

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But a bloody theory would reveal the dark past of the scare industry.

We know little of the past of the world of SA monsters, but they have evolved in a similar way to humans. Since they have cars, cities and televisions. In fact, at the beginning of the film, the two protagonists are working out to improve as scarers and an advertisement for the company they work for can be seen, which reads:

“We match each child with their ideal monster, for superior quality screams that when refined produce clean, reliable energy.”

So currently the energy of scares is clean. Which means that there was once a dirty energy and there was a transition to make it cleaner. In the human world, dirty energy would be oil and coal. So right now, we’re trying to make it cleaner with renewables like wind and solar.

The same could think these monstrous beings.

In SA monsters now the energy is clean, but there was once a dirty one and if it was also drawn from children, that can only mean it was their blood. Now the theory curlyquirkycolorful is very complicated because it gives a terrifying past to this saga of pixar. Since throughout the centuries there are many legends and stories about disappearances and deaths of children related to monsters. So they could be the ancestors of Sulley Y Mike Wazowski The ones who took those little ones while they slept to get their blood energy. Although obviously, this would be difficult to handle, so they were developing a much cleaner energy with the screams.

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But if you think about it, the only way to find out that yelling produces energy is to do something very mean to a child to make him yell. In addition, they may even have invented the concept that the little ones were toxic so that no one would be tempted to get the energy like they used to.

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