Books and Technology

Published November 4, 2021

Reading tablets

Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press, books have been distributed all over the world. From being handwritten and extremely expensive, books became something everyone could buy. Today, just go to your nearest library to borrow a book. With the introduction of smart mobile devices, additional options have become available. For those who like to read a lot, it will be easier. Both cheaper in the long run and smoother in everyday life.


Listening to books is nothing new in itself. It was possible to buy and borrow records with recorded books even before smart technology came into the picture. With an Mp3 player, you could load an audiobook to listen on the go. In both cases, there was an obvious limitation. The amount of books you had access to. Even if you had multiple disks or files, it was still a limitation.

When smartphones were introduced, completely new possibilities were also created. Suddenly people were walking around with small computers in their pockets. Who could take pictures, send messages and make calls. It also increased the availability of audio books. Especially when streaming ended up on the map. Today you can pay a fixed amount each month and listen indefinitely.

Many libraries also lend digital files of audiobooks. The file stops working when the loan period expires. However, the range of digital audiobooks to borrow is relatively narrow. Even among the various book services, it can be difficult to find books in specific genres. It can also be difficult to find audio books in languages ​​other than Swedish.


In combination with book services for audio books, you can also buy digital copies of books. E-commerce companies such as Amazon and CDON have e-books for sale. For many aspiring writers, it has provided new opportunities for self-publishing. Without the cost of printing and storing a lot of editions.

It is quite possible to read on mobiles and tablets. The downside is that it can be difficult to read in sunlight. The screen reflects the sun and makes it impossible for you to see what is written. In addition, it is easy to get tired in the eyes of the screen light.

An alternative is to use tablets. Although they are more limited than tablets, they are made for your reading experience. Like all technology, there are both good and bad variants. You can watch test plates to get a hum about which one suits you best. Everything from battery life to price can be factors when choosing.