Borderlands 3: The Director’s Cut DLC delayed on PS5 and PS4 until April 8, 2021


Gear box has announced that Borderlands 3: The Director’s Cut DLC has been delayed on PS5 and PS4 until April 8, 2021, from its original March 18 release date.

This delay is due to the weather troubles that hit Texas last month, resulting in power outages and freezing temperatures. In a statement published on Twitter, the whole team is safe, but the work was disrupted and the release date shift ensures that Gearbox can provide the best possible experience for players.

Announced last month, the Director’s Cut DLC will be the game’s final expansion, exploring some threads that haven’t been touched yet. It also introduces the game’s first Raid encounter. If you’re still playing, keep up to date with all active SHiFT codes with our handy guide here.

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Borderlands 3 is available now on PS5 and PS4 and The Director’s Cut DLC releases for PS5 and PS4 on April 8, 2021.

Source – [@Borderlands]