Borderlands 3 would play Danny DeVito as Typhon DeLeon

The border areas movie may have attracted a whole roster of talented actors due to its cast of Vault Hunters, villains and supporting characters, but it seems that Borderland 3 almost had a movie star of his own. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that one of the characters in the game was designed with the intention of casting Danny DeVito as a voice actor, but things didn’t go as planned.

Typhon DeLeon is a Borderland 3 NPC calling himself the first Vault Hunter after setting out for better things than following his family in turd farming. Many fans of the game have compared the character to DeVito before, but their similarities had never been confirmed to this day. Apparently, a chance meeting between Pitchford and DeVito resulted in the latter expressing his desire to voice a character in one of Gearbox’s games.

While the team was creating the character, they wanted someone who “infamous and imagined as the perfect superhero in stature and appearance.” Those who’ve played the game will realize that DeLeon isn’t even remotely like that, especially since Pitchford instead wanted “half myth and half reality,” one that turned out to be “modest, short, and rough around the edges.” to be. As the character continued to develop, he was formed with DeVito in mind as an actor.

When it came to casting the character, discussions started with DeVito, but “Danny’s peeps kept on hauntingthem. Another reason to give up on the idea was that the character’s table reader, Motion Graphics Designer Mike Cosner, was “so good in the role” when the team tried out the character’s lines and “nailed” the temporary voiceover recordings. As such, Cosner was eventually cast as the character’s official voice actor.

You can read Pitchford’s full Twitter thread below:

DeLeon is not one of the characters who will make his appearance in the… border areas movie, so we’re not going to see DeVito in the world of Pandora just yet. The film will be released sometime next year.

[Source: Twitter]