Brad Pitt blows up the internet with the first Bullet Train trailer

The first official trailer for Bullet Train has come to light and the online reaction around the actor Brad Pitt has not been long in coming in networks.

Something is screaming in our ear that Bullet Train It’s going to be a hilarious ride, but full of blood. Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the first official trailer for the new film David Leitchdirector of Dead Pool 2. It is an action thriller full of madness and delusions. The film is headed by Brad Pitt, who will lead a fun group of assassins. They all have a common, interconnected goal, but they are in conflict. The context is none other than that of a non-stop journey through the current island of Japan. We share the trailer with all of you, to see what you think!

What do you think of the first trailer? Bullet Train? The truth is that Brad Pitt is spectacular and social networks have echoed it. In addition to having an amazing all-star cast, this film will clearly feature a ton of crazy action and fight scenes that will bring back memories of the filmmaker’s previous work, such as the John Wick leadered by Keanu Reeves. With such an eclectic group of slain facing off against each other, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by the blood and action. The film opens on July 15 in theaters.

An outrageous cast for a summer blockbuster

Directed by David Leitch Bullet Train has a script Zak Olkewicz written from the novel Mary Beetle from kataro isaka. This film produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment stars Brad Pitt, but the rest of the cast is not far behind. Accompanying the legendary actor are stars of the stature of Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Logan lerman, Masi ok, Bad Bunny, Andrew kōji, Hiroyuki Sanada and Karen fukuhara.