Bradley Cooper changed the life of Guillermo del Toro

Director Guillermo del Toro reveals how actor Bradley Cooper has changed his life while shooting his new movie.

The Oscar winner for William of the Bull (The Shape of Water) has released its new film entitled The Alley of Lost Souls (Nightmare Alley), which has a great cast led by Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Tony Collette, Willem Dafoe, Richard Jenkins, Rooney Mara Y Ron Perlman. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been very successful at the US box office, only grossing around $9 million on a $60 million budget. But now, it will hit the international market and hopefully attract more viewers.

In a recent interview, the director William of the Bull has revealed how Bradley Cooper it changed his life while they were shooting the movie the alley of lost souls:

«I don’t want to be simplistic, but everything depends on Bradley Cooper. I want to say that the association that I had with this guy is the most absolutely immersive association that I have ever had with an actor. Every day, we would discover Stan (Bradley’s character) and he would become Stan and embody nothing but the truth. I tell you, that society changed my life. And it changed the way I shot the movie. I started letting the camera sit longer without moving or cutting.”

The actor has other very interesting projects.

Bradley Cooper He is currently one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood, he will repeat as Rocket Raccoon in Thor: Love and Thunder Y Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 from Marvel Studios. Also, we will see Atlantic Wall, where an American soldier is trapped behind enemy lines. But he will also return to direct and star in a movie as in A star has been born (2018), but now it will be about Teacher, a complex love story.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Bradley Cooper in Nightmare Alley? Here we leave the trailer: