Call of Duty Anti Cheat Gives Victims God Mode

Call of Duty’s anti-cheat software Ricochet has a new feature that turns on a kind of god mode when a cheater is identified, allowing victims to destroy the miscreants. As shown by YouTuber TimTheTatman in a viral video, Ricochet grants players a Damage Shield that repels all bullets from an identified cheater, allowing their victims to take them out effortlessly. According to Activision, it has extensively tested the feature to ensure that the Damage Shield is not triggered inappropriately.

Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Gets Around Banned Players Creating New Accounts

Banning cheaters has been proven to have limited impact, even if IP bans are applied. Especially PC players find it easy to get around such bans and create new accounts. The Damage Shield feature allows Call of Duty’s servers to detect when the game is being tampered with and take out cheaters. “This limitation makes the cheater vulnerable to real players and allows Team Ricochet to gather information about a cheater’s system,” Activision wrote. “We track these encounters to ensure that the game cannot randomly or accidentally apply a Damage Shield, regardless of skill level. To be clear, we will never engage in gunfights between law-abiding members of the community.”

Activision further claims that Ricochet has successfully reduced instances of cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone. According to the company, cheating over the past holiday season was at an “all-time low” in the free-to-play title. That said, Activision recognizes that cheaters continue to find new loopholes, but has pledged to continue to fight them and keep a close eye on their activities. “This back and forth is expected, and while anti-cheat isn’t a panacea, it’s a battle we’re on,” reads one blog.

In other news, an SEC filing has revealed that Microsoft approached Activision for a deal, days after CEO Bobby Kotick was accused of misconduct, and Ubisoft has said it would consider a takeover offer in the interests of stakeholders.

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