Call of Duty is still on PlayStation, according to Spencer

Good news for those worried that their beloved Call of Duty would no longer be coming to PlayStation consoles. According to Phil Spencer, the shooter will still appear on its competitor’s console.

The Xbox chief made this known a few days after Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard. For that it only needs approval from all kinds of authorities, but it seems that it is still a matter of putting the finishing touches.

Phil Spencer reports on Twitter that he has spoken to several Sony executives and they have announced that they will continue to release the Call of Duty games on PlayStation consoles.

Gamers worldwide have been wondering what the future of Call of Duty would look like and whether it would even come to Sony’s consoles at all. So these people can sleep peacefully again for the time being. It is not yet clear how exactly this will be implemented. It’s possible that Call of Duty will come exclusively to Game Pass and require this service, but that’s speculation, of course.

Microsoft may also decide to release Call of Duty exclusively on Xbox platforms in a few years’ time. Incidentally, it would be against Microsoft’s philosophy that after, for example, the acquisition of Mojang, it did release spin-offs from Minecraft on Sony and Nintendo consoles.

Activision Blizzard’s other IP is not yet known or will be released exclusively. Think Diablo, Warcraft, Overwatch, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and other dormant franchises like Prototype and Singularity. However, there’s a pretty good chance that most of these will make their way to Game Pass, as they did with Bethesda.

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition is expected to close in fiscal year 2023, which begins later this year (July 1). It must be approved by regulatory authorities before it is official.