Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Next Unannounced Operator Teased, Looks Like Judge Dredd

Call Of Duty: Warzone added operators for players to choose consistently, some of which are even major crossovers with movie franchises like the Rambo or John McClane operators, and it looks like the next big crossover could be Judge Dredd, based on images tweeted from the Duty official twitter account.

The images only give you four small but still telling shots of what is probably the last look for this new operator, each as a small clue to point you to the answer, and to the eagle eyes Dredd fans, it can’t be anyone else.

What’s especially compelling is that a fan seems to get the particular costume right right off the bat based on the photos versus what the skin is likely to be based on.

Along with the word play of a “new order” from the Duty Twitter account, it seems Judge Dredd becomes the next operator in war zone.

Source – [Twitter]