Call of Duty Xbox Exclusive: CoD Coming to PS5 for Two Years

The next three games in the Duty franchise will be released for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, meaning the PS5 won’t miss a thing Codfish games in the near future, has been reported. After those next three games, however, it’s unclear whether Activision Blizzard will continue to release the series’ games on PlayStation. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard likely to close in the next 18 months, there’s a chance the tech conglomerate could turn its billion-dollar franchise into an Xbox exclusive at a later date.

When will Duty no longer release on PS5?

Specifically, Microsoft has stated that it will honor Activision Blizzard’s existing deals with PlayStation “for at least the next two years.” According to four insiders in conversation with BloombergActivision had already signed a deal with Sony to produce several new Duty titles for the PlayStation. This means that upcoming titles like the unannounced sequel to Modern Warfare will still come out for Playstation. The report shows that Treyarch is also currently developing a new title.

The future after that, however, is shaky. While Xbox head Phil Spencer stated it would honor its existing contracts with Sony, he didn’t say what would happen if those deals end. While some experts claim that turning Duty in an Xbox exclusive would be illegal, there’s no stopping Microsoft from seeing the end of its contracts and just not renewing them. It also doesn’t change the fact that Activision is still refusing to grant QA testers labor rights to war zone studio Raven software.

In other news: Electronic Arts is currently working on three new Star Wars spell. Rumors indicate that GTA: Vice City Definitive Edition may be coming to PlayStation Now.