Capcom has abandoned Dino Crisis trademark for online multiplayer game

In January 2020, Capcom applied for a trademark for an online multiplayer game in the Dino Crisis franchisee. However, as noted by Twisted Voxel, that: Dino Crisis trademark was abandoned earlier this year because Capcom was unable to provide a statement of use.

The trademark was for an online video game in the Dino Crisis franchise that also included the possibility of an online multiplayer game on mobile and other portable devices, as well as setting up a website. Despite only just being noticed, the trademark was abandoned in August. Capcom had filed for multiple trademark extensions, but still hadn’t provided proof that they had started using the trademark, such as promotional materials, packaging, or even a game itself. Whatever their original intentions, they clearly never came to fruition.

The good news is that there is still an older trademark, originally filed in 1999, just three months before the release of Dino Crisis on Playstation. This trademark was not updated until November when it was renewed for another ten years. They also applied for another trademark in Japan in 2019. While Capcom is still thinking about the franchise, the trademarks could also just be a matter of the publisher protecting its IP from others.

Rumors of a new Dino Crisis title or even a remake have been circulating for a while. Hopes were dashed in early 2020 when a well-known leaker claimed that a Dino Crisis game had been in development several years earlier but had since been canceled. He considered the franchise extinct at the time, although the now-abandoned trademark filed a month earlier suggests otherwise. Despite this, there was no Dino Crisis in GeForce Now’s major internal database leak in September despite the appearance of other potential Capcom titles such as Monster Hunter 6 and Dragon’s Dogma 2. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for the time being.

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