Capcom is counting down to a possible announcement

Capcom has posted a countdown on Twitter and it just might be an announcement of a new Street Fighter in store for us.

The countdown ends at 7:00 AM (UK time) on February 21, which is exactly when the Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final has been held.

After all, this year the series celebrates its 35th anniversary and that could of course be the moment for a new part of the series. In 2017, Capcom celebrated its 30th anniversary with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition (a collection of 12 games).

The most recent game in the series is Street Fighter V, which came out in 2016. The game received an upgrade in 2017 in the form of the Arcade Edition and in 2020 the Champion Edition. Capcom has not yet confirmed whether a Street Fighter VI is in development.

In fact, this could also be an announcement of a new Resident Evil. A remake of the fourth installment is rumored to be more horror-focused than the action-packed original.