Capcom sued for allegedly stealing photos used in Resident Evil Art

Less than a month later Frankenstein’s Army Director Richard Raaphorst accused Capcom of plagiarizing his monster designs in Resident Evil Village, the publisher has been sued by an artist for stealing her photos for use in Resident Evil and Devil May Cry spell.

As noted by Polygon, designer Judy A. Juracek filed a complaint in a Connecticut court on Friday. She presented hundreds of pages of documentation with at least 80 photos that she had taken that were used in Capcom games in over 200 cases without her permission. An example is a clear photograph of shattered glass that Juracek took in Italy, later used in Resident Evil 4‘s logo.

“It’s hard to imagine Juracek taking a picture of shattered glass in Italy and designing the interior doors of a mansion and Capcom artists reproducing the exact same pattern of shattered glass in a logo and interior design without using Juracek’s photos,” it reads. complaint.

The most incriminating evidence comes from last year’s Capcom hack, which leaked artwork used in games like Resident Evil. The file name of at least one of the leaked images is the exact same file name for the same image on the Juracek copyrighted photo book CD-ROM, Surfaces. In other words, it appears that Capcom has removed the copyrighted image from Surfaces, modified it slightly for use without Juracek’s express permission, and did not change the filename.

When asking for comment, a Capcom representative told Polygon that the company is “aware of the lawsuit” and has “no further comment.”