Capcom will reveal on February 20th as the countdown timer comes online

capcom is set to announce a new game on February 20, 2022, according to a countdown timer appearing on the official website for the company.

The question now is, of course, which game will be revealed? We have a few possible candidates. One of the most obvious is Street Fighter 6, which has been teased for a while, not to mention that the countdown timer ends at the end of Capcom’s Street Fighter Pro Tour season finale.

Elsewhere, with rumors about Resident Evil 4 remake Whirling, there’s a chance we could get a formal unveiling of the project, especially as the latest reports have announced the game for an early 2022 announcement.

We also have Resident Evil Village DLC to look forward to, and the question is when will we see Resident Evil Re:Verse again, the slow-down multiplayer experience originally intended to launch alongside Village last year.

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