Captain Marvel 2 will make Carol Danvers more powerful

If Carol Danvers was already super powerful, Captain Marvel 2 is going to directly make her a practically indestructible superhero.

Carol Danver will be even more powerful Captain Marvel 2as explained by the Brie Larson. After helping The Avengers in his tough final battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgamethe superheroine of UCM will live a series of galactic adventures far from our planet. However, we will soon find out what he has been up to, when his long-awaited sequel is released. A second part in which she will share the leading role with kamala khan Y monica Rambeauwho got his superpowers in the spectacular series WandaVision.

During an interview given to the media Insider, actress Brie Larson has spoken about her career playing the character of Carol Danvers in the UCM. She apparently wasn’t feeling “physically fit” when she was confirmed to play the superheroine. However, after confirmation she promised to prepare for the role thoroughly. Now that she’s on her way Captain Marvel 2 feels more in tune with her body than ever. And that, apparently, will be reflected in the film, since the captain has become even stronger in the sequel.

“My main goal was to get my body more ready for action,” Brie Larson explained.

«In the first movie, Carol Danvers is still developing her true strength. I was also developing myself, in a way. She now has more control over her powers and is more powerful. She can even fly. I feel my body more agile, more prepared for all these action movements. It was my main goal, since I didn’t have to do a lot in the first movie.“explained the actress.

If Carol Danvers is even more powerful in Captain Marvel 2It’s going to be interesting to see how the studio addresses all those criticisms about her being “too strong.” In fact, this was the biggest problem for the russo brothers in Avengers: Endgame. They had to find a way to exclude her for most of the footage, as she could have functioned solely as a deus ex machina. Now that she’s going to be more powerful… It’s going to be interesting to see how they handle the character.