Captain Marvel: Brie Larson reacts to a fan drawing and goes viral

Brie Larson, an actress who plays Captain Marvel in the MCU, did not hesitate to react with great grace to a drawing made by a fan. His response went viral.

Captain Marvel always gives a lot to talk about. After its premiere in 2019, Brie Larson became one of the main figures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actress had to face several criticisms made by different fans, but she also earned the love and respect of many others. For this reason, he always receives comments and tokens of love through social networks.

It is very common for fans to decide to draw their favorite characters. On this occasion, a user shared the art he was making of Captain Marvel. However, this drawing suffered an unforeseen event and Brie Larson did not hesitate to react. “I was drawing Captain Marvel. I was taking a break before doing the Brie Larson face, but my little cousin decided to help me finish it. “ the fan commented.

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Undoubtedly, the image generates a lot of grace. There you can see a drawing that was on the right track and tried to be a serious representation of the character, but ended up having a funny and different face. Seeing the stir that was generated, Brie Larson decided to share the drawing: “When you’re a superhero, but you’re also an introvert.”

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Captain Marvel will return to the big screen with The Marvels. Brie Larson recently shared a first look on her social media, which sparked a lot of excitement from fans. It was a piece of jewelry, which featured the three logos used by the heroines in this film (Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel and Photon). At the moment, it is known that this film will be a direct sequel to the film released in 2019. Likewise, it will also serve to continue with some events of WandaVision and Ms. Marvel, a series that will soon arrive in the Disney + catalog.

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