Castlevania Advance Collection launches today on PS4

Konami just announced via today’s Nintendo Direct (September 23) that the Castlevania Advanced Collection is released today on all platforms, including the PS4 and through backwards compatibility, the PS5.

The collection arguably includes some of the best games in the series, including: Circle of the moon, harmony of dissonance and aria of sorrow all in a nice handy package.

These games coming to modern platforms is a huge win for fans of the originals, and as website The Verge points out, it’s a significant event simply because these are truly genre-defining games. The term “metroidvania” came to mean half of games like these three, along with the other incredible games in the franchise.

It’s not hard to get the . to say Castlevania franchise, these three games changed the industry forever, and it’s great that a whole new generation of players is getting the chance to experience these games that continue to inspire the games we love today.

Source – [The Verge]