Celebrate the long-awaited return of Netflix’s “Stranger Things 4” with Xbox

Harnessing ’80s nostalgia and drawing inspiration from iconic pop culture moments, beloved movies, snacks and fashion trends of the era, “Stranger Things” is a cultural phenomenon like no other, one that classic video games greatly inspired. From arcades to gaming references, video games help connect the generation that grew up during the era seen in “Stranger Things” with today’s youth who express themselves and find fulfillment in the joy of gaming.

To join in the celebration of “Stranger Things” and its highly anticipated return, Xbox has created exclusive “Stranger Things” Xbox Series S consoles for fans to win.

Stranger Things - Season 4 Image

But these aren’t regular Xbox Series S consoles. These consoles have been stuck in the Upside Down for who knows how long, and their designs reflect that. With a design inspired by the cassette players of the 1980s, the Upside Down Xbox Series S has been twisted and corrupted, its once-sleek aesthetic overshadowed by the vines, tendrils, and ooze of flora and fauna found in the depths of the Upside Down. Each console is safely stored for decontamination in a special container for hazardous materials.

Fans around the world will have a chance to win one of these custom consoles by following @Xbox on Twitter. Stay tuned to @Xbox for a chance to win!

Stranger Things - Season 4 Image

To stop a relentlessly expanding rift in Los Angeles, on May 26 and 27, Xbox and Netflix are looking for new recruits to help before it’s too late. Los Angeles locals will have to “show their power” and prepare to have their minds blown by an immersive experience, with more surprises to come in the Upside Down. Visit Xbox Plaza at LA Live on May 26 or 27 for a chance to win one of 30 custom Upside Down Xbox Series S consoles, as well as other exciting rewards from Xbox and Netflix.

Season 4: Volume I of “Stranger Things” launches on Friday May 27 available to watch on your Xbox. For more information on “Stranger Things”, watch it on netflix and stay updated on Twitter @Strange things.