Check out the tactical card-based Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay

The upcoming turn-based strategy Marvel’s Midnight Sun, First revealed with a cinematic trailer, it has now showcased expanded gameplay footage for the first time, focusing on the title’s card-based combat mechanics and characters. In addition, developer Firaxis has clarified that: midnight Sun will contain microtransactions only for cosmetics – the cards you use for battles will not be available for real money – and said that loot boxes are not part of the game.

The gameplay trailer, which lasts over six minutes, reveals that: Marvel’s Midnight Sun will feature tactical turn-based combat similar to Firaxis’ other strategy series XCOM. One of the most notable differences, however, is the card-based skill system that offers your team’s characters any number of attacks to use. Additionally, instead of starting with a standard squad of four soldiers, players can pick up up to three Marvel superheroes.

Players control Hunter, a fully customizable character and brand new Marvel hero resurrected by a mysterious group known as the Midnight Suns. As a Hunter, players can also cultivate relationships at the Abbey, the group’s headquarters. Firaxis also reveals that there will be a wide variety of activities to take part in, such as going for a walk with Iron Man or sparring with Ghost Rider. Interacting with your superhero comrades in the downtime between missions can unlock special abilities in combat, new HQ features and upgrades. If you pick the right team members, you can even dish out some powerful attack combos.

Some are concerned about the card-based skill system and the all-too-real possibility of microtransactions that can accompany it. Happy Firaxis stated: that there will be no microtransactions to unlock these skill cards. Due to the appearance of the trailer, these card skills will instead be unlocked through the progress of the character relationship. The only microtransactions in the game, Firaxis says, are for cosmetic skins for the game’s characters.

You can take a look at the Marvel’s Midnight Sun extended gameplay trailer below:

Marvel’s Midnight Sun coming March 22.

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