Chivalry 2 House Aberfell update is now available!

Greetings! The first update of Chivalry 2 2022 is here! With the update comes a wealth of content that is just the beginning of what is sure to be another great year for the game. House Aberfell sees the Mason Order and Agatha Knights take to the highlands in a battle for freedom and supremacy inspired by brave heart. We have great surprises for you at House Aberfell, so we created this post to tell you the most important details. Keep reading to know a little more about what awaits you in House Aberfell!

New Objective Map: The Raid on Aberfell

Inspired by the beauty of northern Scotland, The Raid on Aberfell sees the Agathians infiltrating the homeland of King Malric of the Masonic Order as the Masons fight to defend themselves with the help of heretical Druids. Defend the sacred stones of the Mason Order by playing as the Druids, who sport animal-themed helmets and staffs.

pig and bees

As part of the sack of the town of Aberfell, join forces to… steal pigs! Capture cattle and peasants by carrying them on your shoulder so that the Masonic Order has no food and no manpower!

For the first time in franchise history Chivalry, get ready to welcome the militarized bees. As you explore the new Raid team objective map on Aberfelldo not forget to pay attention to the hives around you.

new weapon

The Highland sword makes its bloody debut in House Aberfell and his arrival will leave a great impact. Equip this unwieldy metal leviathan to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and maybe… chop off some limbs…

House Aberfell is the first of many updates planned for Chivalry 2 this year. We’re so excited to show you more medieval mayhem! If you would like to know more about the update of House Aberfell from chivalry 2take a look at the patch notes on our website and follow us on Twitter @ChivalryGame. See you on the battlefield!