Christopher Nolan wants to show the best atomic explosion in the history of cinema

As he did with the black holes in Interstellar, now Christopher Nolan wants to show the effects of an atomic bomb in the cinema as if they were real.

Director Christopher Nolan He is one of the best directors of today and his cinema is characterized by using practical effects over chroma key or CGI. Still, he got on interstellar a fairly accurate visual representation of what wormholes and black holes should theoretically look like. Now he wants to do the same with an atomic bomb.

In many movies, atomic explosions have been shown, but they are not perfect representations. There are even some feature films that use stock footage of some real explosions, but obviously the shots are very far away. Now, the camera will place us inside the atomic fire and it will be a shocking moment that viewers will be able to experience.

The movie in which all this will happen is Oppenheimerwhere Christopher Nolan will show us one of the fathers of the atomic bomb. As Robert Oppenheimer participated in the manhattan project which culminated in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The film will feature an impressive cast.

As usual in movies Christopher Nolanhas surrounded himself with great actors like Florence Pugh, Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Josh Hartnett, rami maleck Y benny safdie.

The actor Cillian Murphy has recently revealed what he felt when Christopher Nolan chose him as the protagonist of the film:

“It’s the first time he’s given me a lead role, so I’m still a little shaken, but I’m excited. It is a big part and a lot of work. But in my opinion, you’re working with one of the best directors alive, so you’re in good hands. The difference with this one is that the story is there, everyone knows what happened. But Christopher Nolan is telling it in a different way, as you would expect with Chris. That’s all I can say… I won’t say more. They would kill me, they are so strict!”

Are you looking forward to seeing Oppenheimer when it opens on July 21, 2023? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.