Cloudy Climb: Minecraft Dungeons First Season Adventure is now available!


  • The free update of Cloudy Climb for Minecraft dungeons It’s all about reaching new epic heights in the first Season Adventure.
  • Explore a mysterious tower and test your skills throughout the new reward tracking system to earn new cosmetic items such as appearances, pets, emotes and more!
  • Play Minecraft dungeons starting today on the cloud, console and PC, as well as with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

The doors are now open for you to enter the mysterious huge Tower and experience the first adventures of the season! Minecraft dungeons including rewards, challenges, and more! Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Start your adventure!

If you are an adventure lover, we present to you… the Tower! With over 30 floors full of mobs and bosses, each level will be more difficult than the last. Put your skills to the test as you face off against challenging foes like Tower Wraiths and Tower Guards, more powerful versions than you’ve encountered before, as they now feature new weapons and more dangerous attacks to master and reach the top of the Tower.

Earn amazing rewards and your adventure rank

Start out as a base character with no access to your old gear. Unlock new and more powerful weapons, armor, and artifacts to make your journey easier. Explore the all-new progression system where you’ll unlock seasonal rewards through limited-time challenges. If you decide to play these new challenges, you will be able to earn various rewards and Adventure Points that you can use to unlock a variety of post-game rewards to use on your avatar. This in turn, will become your adventure rank allowing you to unlock even more rewards such as appearances, capes, and emotes, to name a few. The rewards will vary from season to season, taking on new themes, and Cloudy Climb it’s just the beginning of this new adventure in Minecraft dungeons.

Get the Adventure Pass

Do you want every step to the top to be more rewarding? Get the Adventure Pass to unlock an additional reward track that includes pets, appearances, emotes and more! Get your Adventure Pass at any time during your trip. As each new season rolls around, you will be able to progress through the reward routes from a previous season, in case you are late to Cloudy Climb.

Download the free update Cloudy Climb Seasonal Adventure now available if you have Minecraft dungeons on the cloud, console and PC, as well as on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y MexicoStay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest news and updates on your favorite Xbox games!