Co-op Action Shooter RICO London is now available for Xbox

New Year’s Eve, 1999. All of London is preparing to ring in the new millennium, or possibly cleanse the contents of their bank accounts for Y2K fears, but the Metropolitan Police have other things on their minds. In London’s East End, a local gang has been quietly amassing a formidable arsenal of weapons and is now preparing to storm one of the capital’s most elite skyscrapers. Can you and your partner get them out before it’s too late?

RICH London It’s inspired by our love of action movies (the similarities to a certain beloved Christmas classic can’t be overlooked) and we wanted to recreate that same vibe in a game. Like its predecessor, rich, you and your partner kick down doors, assess the situation like the consummate professionals you are, and take down the bad guys. There is a slow motion moment that allows players to jump over targets and gives that cinematic quality to the action. The cel-shading art style works in conjunction with the effects to give the feel of being inside an action movie.

To enhance the buddy cop movie feel, we designed it to play cooperatively, but of course you can also choose to play solo maverick style. Levels are randomly generated so you never experience the same fight twice. This alleviates the boredom of replaying levels where you already know each room and the likely position of each enemy.

Screenshot of RICO London

Hidden among the boxes of the Ronson Firm’s latest purchase from its Eastern European friends are a couple of prototype weapons. These are exclusive to Xbox and can be found as players ascend the building via the usual upgrade path. Like other weapons in the game, each weapon has a range of variants with unique names and skins. Featuring an integral suppressor and hand-tuned balance, the Silex-9 is the ultimate high-value sidearm, while youhe latest experimental import from a secret weapons factory, the ACR assault rifle combines high-capacity magazines with a devastating rate of fire.

We are also pleased to include an exclusive game mode in the Xbox version of RICH London in which players can test themselves against a series of hand-crafted challenges. Building on the game’s score attack mentality, Challenge Mode offers a new way to play. rich londoneither solo or co-op, where they earn a star rating based on how well they perform in the challenge against various additional sub-targets selected from a list of potential criteria, such as surviving for a set period of time, killing only with shots in the head, useless syringes, and many more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing RICH London as much as we enjoy creating it. Yippie Ki-yay, folks!

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RICO London is an explosive cooperative shooter that destroys gangs and takes names. Fight your way up the high-rise tower packed with East End gangsters alone or with a partner. Go through doors, dodge bullets and turn the weapons of the fallen into your personal arsenal. Do whatever it takes to get to the top. London, New Year’s Eve 1999. As everyone gets ready to party, the Metropolitan Police are working overtime. Detective Inspector Redfern finds herself at the scene of a pop-up arms deal at the foot of a high-rise tower. Without her superiors’ permission or her backup support, Redfern prepares to start the millennium strong. Higher and high stakes. Ascend the dangerous gang-infested tower and take on tougher thugs as you go. The higher you get, the higher the risk. High caliber. The three 9mm mags you brought were never going to get you past the first floor. Hack and switch from your ever-expanding arsenal to suit the task at hand as you defeat enemies along the way. Work Benefits. Customize your loadout with a host of performance-enhancing perks and upgrades. Modify your abilities as the night progresses. Double trouble. You wouldn’t be a cop shooter without a partner by your side. Call a cooperative ride, either local or online. It’s up to you (and your partner) to take them all down, the only way you can… kicking down doors and shooting bad guys! • Arcade style game. • Play through various game modes: Story (Easy), Classic (Medium), Hardcore (Hard), or Daily Play. • Compelling storyline with exhilarating gameplay to match it • Cooperative buddy cop shooter, local or online • Defeat different types of enemies to collect new weapons and expand your arsenal • Rescue civilian hostages and bring them to a location safe • Lots of collectible weapons, traits and quests to locate and unlock • Action-packed moment-by-moment gameplay • Make your way through the many-storied towers. • Watch the chaos unravel in slow motion • Graphic novel art style with cel shading