Confirmed a new character of Doctor Strange 2

There is less left to see Doc Strange 2 and every day that passes we are more surprised by the news about this film

In the course of a film being announced until it is released in theaters many years can pass. During this time, people make their hypotheses and some manage to hit many of them. In this case, Doc Strange 2 It is one of the most anticipated movies by Marvel fans.

Although many things have been said and the progress The famous Funko Pop dolls have been giving us clues, which delight collectors, they have shown us a very relevant fact that confirms a main character in the plot.

As we can see, it has already been published what the collection will be. At first glance there is no relevant data that can help the viewer to elucidate any theory or apparition. But if we see the following tweet, it changes things a lot.

Indeed, the character that appears in this new series of dolls is the Doctor Strange of the universe What if…? Something that we had already been able to see in one of the previews of the Marvel movie and that will confirm that the union between the animated series of Disney+ and the film are going to be very connected.

Although it is the same character, if we look closely his outfit has changed, so we could think that the arrival of this character in reality will be much more important than we thought.

Doctor Strange: And the Multiverse of Madness will bring back the character after his appearance in Spiderman: No way home. Wanda Romanov will also return to the big screen, «Scarlet Witch«. Both characters will fight against the multiverse and all its dangers.

The film will be released in theaters on May 6, 2022 and the Funkos can already be pre-purchased in some specialized stores.