CONFIRMED! Michael B. Jordan develops Superman film

After many rumors and comments, actor Michael B. Jordan confirms that he is working on a Superman movie. The project will be shown on HBO Max.

Inclusion is one of the hot topics in Hollywood. Appears to be of color, member of the community LGBTQ + or of Latino or Asian descent puts priority over others. This fact has been present in the main productions in recent years. Thus, superhero cinema has not been the exception. Although some characters clearly represent an ethnic group in the comics, this has changed on the big screen. In the same way, there is a probability that this will happen nothing more and nothing less than with Superman.

The project refers to a production of HBO Max, of which there is still no clarity regarding its format, since it could well be a series or a movie. What is known is that the producer Outlier Society is behind it.

The interesting thing, and what is related to the inclusive issue, is that this company is owned by Michael B. Jordan. In this way, after all the rumors, it seems that it is confirmed that there will be a black Superman in live-action.

It is expected that there will not be a change of ethnicity of the character, since he will play Calvin ellis or Val-Zod. They are both African American in the comics. However, for the collective imagination there will be a different configuration in terms of the racial, since most relate the hero to the Caucasian alter ego of Clark Kent.

Michael B. Jordan has competition.  Candidates for Superman appear
Calvin Ellis is one of the two ‘afro’ versions of Superman.

According to the journalist Jamie Broadnax, “Jordan has not wanted to participate in conversations about the race of Kal-El for the same reasons that many of the fans are rejecting the current reimagined version of Warner Bros. of Clark Kent, but would be interested in participating in a project of Black superman focused on the history of Val-Zod “, further affirming the above.

On the other hand, it was announced that the delivery already has a scriptwriter in charge, whose identity has not yet been revealed. It is also believed and assumed to be the same Michael B. Jordan who stars in the product in question. Consequently, it is expected to have more information about it shortly.

Source: Collider