Criticism of El club del unemployment: I’m not going to make the easy joke

The unemployment club premiered on Friday on the Spanish billboard, directed by David marquis and starring Carlos Areces placeholder image, Eric French, Fernando Tejero placeholder image and Adrià Collado among others.

Every morning, whatever the day, Fernando, el Negro, Jesús and Benavente, four friends meet in a bar to have a few beers and fix the world in their own way: criticizing and ranting against everything and everyone. They have something in common, they are unemployed, well… all but one.

The unemployment club seeks to portray middle-aged people who are unemployed,

but the portrait is at least insulting, portrays them as psychopaths, lazy and useless, something that to me, someone far from that profile I find not very funnyI don’t want to imagine how someone who is in the same situation as the protagonists can feel. And to that inaccurate portrait add the continuous jokes about Chinese restaurants, which has not been mocked at all enough in Spanish cinema (note the irony).

The unemployment club is nothing more than an inaccurate representation,

a bunch of exaggerated little characters as if they were made of plasticine that rant about everything and everyone, resorting to the topic and the typical, something that, unfortunately, is still valid in Spanish comedy, which lately seems to be in a comatose state, because The unemployment club joins the list of clunkers released this year.

The script has easy dialogues,

with not very careful and very crappy jokes, of the type: “Thank goodness there are only two months left in 2019, because next year it sure can’t be worse”. Do you really have to make that old and childish joke? I had little hope for this movie, but The good thing that there are films like this is that surely the film critics will not go to unemployment.

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