Criticism of Thunder Patrol, Netflix’s heroic evil attempt

Thunder Patrol, Netflix’s new superhero movie, is available from April 9. Here we will share the criticism of it.

In the past week Netflix premiere Thunder Patrol, his new superhero movie, which stars Melissa mccarthy Y Octavia spencer. However, the superhero factor is not the main thing in her.

And in fact, it is a good starting point to highlight the latter, that despite the fact that its plot focuses on superpowers and the fight against evil, it is still a pure comedy, even its cast is total proof of it.

In addition to the main actresses, there are two references of the comic genre in the cast, Jason bateman Y Bobby cannavale, who lead the team of villains in the production.

Having clarity on the tone of the film, it is not worth saying that there are parts that border on the ridiculous or shallow dialogues, because it is not a drama or an action project. Moreover, even with acceptable special effects, it is not science fiction what Thunder Patrol is about, but rather it is to sit down and laugh for an hour and forty-seven minutes. Or at least, that was the goal.

However, in the pursuit of that goal there were some hard-to-ignore conflicts.

Nationalist references, a serious mistake

The story takes place in Chicago Y Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) is a staunch advocate for her city. Love the Puppies (local baseball team), as well as the Bears (American football team) and to Bulls (basketball payroll), but along its lines it shares jokes, songs and comments very allusive to the sports and local culture. This generates silence in the laughter of all the spectators that are not from the most important city of Illinois, or who are not great connoisseurs of American sports.

Excess clichés

It is common to see that in comedies clichés or plot repetition abound, since their purpose will often be to entertain and not to generate more than good spirits in the audience. However, at the beginning of Thunder Force two mysteries are laid on the table: What happened to the parents of Emily (Octavia Spencer)? and Who leads the ‘Evildoers‘? The first is not even resolved, despite a poor phrase from ‘The King’ (Bobby Cannavale), who says that he has not always had the opportunity to destroy entire families. The age of the character would not allow him to be related to the events that occurred with the Stanton family.

For its part, as for the second “enigma” there is nothing to solve, since Stevens’ association with evil mutants is obvious, as well as the political interest behind everything. Also, the help of Allie (Melissa leo) within the conspiracy it becomes apparent more than once before Emily’s daughter, Tracy (Taylor mosby), discover it.

The excess of evidence makes the plot something very easy to unravel and ends up exhausting the viewer who will always want something that hooks him in the sequence.

Untied ropes

In addition to the aforementioned narrative “bug”, in which what happened to the family of ‘Bingo‘, which was supposedly the reason for everything that is unleashed, there is another point.

Tracy somehow gains powers, although the original two members of the Thunder Patrol had to undergo treatments for weeks to get theirs. How and when did she develop her serum?

Wasn’t her mother the genetic expert and she the technology expert? Apparently the Fortnite it wasn’t his only hobby.

Thunder Force is not a great superhero movie
Taylor Mosby may be Netflix’s big acting reveal in Thunder Patrol

Scenes laaaaaaaaargas

The last detail to put in front of the reflector is of the very extensive scenes without cutting. It is well known that in modern cinema short shots are more interesting, as they generate emotion in less time and make it easier to entertain. There are scenes of this product in which there is no existing relevance, if they were removed, nothing would be lost in the plot, but they are still there and not only are, they last a long time.

One in particular is that of the dinner that Lydia and the villainous character of Bateman have, at some point he begins to vent, but everything becomes exhaustive and unnecessary, until after a couple of long minutes an importance is found in all that, she gets information.

Thunder Patrol is not a basket case, nor is it rubbish. In fact, she is one more on the list for most of her cast, who are used to things like that. Except maybe Octavia Spencer. She, an icon, always remembered by Maids and Ladies.

Rating: 4/10