Crysis 4 announced for next generation

Crytek has announced crysis 4 is currently under development. The short 47-second teaser gives away very little about the latest news in the crysis franchise, although an accompanying announcement from Crytek China shows an image of a nanosuit helmet lying in the middle of a bleak “new nano battlefield”.

What we know about Crysis 4

crysis 4 is in the very early stages of development and very few details have been revealed about the “next-gen” game. Crytek China’s Post on BiliBili describes a new nano battlefield and little else. Meanwhile, the teaser video shows solar flares from what can only be assumed to be the sun, ruined and collapsing buildings, and a very dark and gloomy environment.

No other information is available. crytek not mentioned if crysis 4 Coming to PS4 and/or PS5, we don’t have a release date and don’t know if the game will have multiplayer modes, a campaign, or both. Crytek CEO Avni Yerli said:

Crytek has a proud history of partnering with our community to develop the games you want to play. Crysis is incredibly important to so many people – it’s loved by gamers everywhere, and some of those who work in the industry today do this because of the original game – so we want to make sure the next installment in the franchise lives up to all expectations. your expectations. Make sure to join our socials and join us!

In other news, the latest report claims the following three Duty games will be released on PlayStation consoles, but the franchise’s future after that is “blurred.” Elsewhere, Blizzard Entertainent is making a new survival game for consoles and PC.