Crystal Dynamics Head miracles admits Avengers problems

Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos has already said that Marvel’s Avengers The development team is proud of its achievements, recognizing that the game is going through a rough patch and has been “humbled” by the rocky launch.

Speaking to Game Informer, Amos reiterated that the studio has paid attention to feedback and listened to complaints and criticisms. Crystal Dynamics also apparently “did a lot of homework” and took notes of other high profile launches that didn’t go well, such as Destiny and Hymn

“We’re listening – really,” Amos told Game Informer. ‘We hear what you say. We hear what the press says, what the media says. Our job is to take all of that, process that – good and bad – and we’re going to say, “How do we use that to change our philosophy?” ”

Amos lists the lessons that have been learned Marvel’s Avengersdifficult launch ‘painful lessons’ that the studio plans to apply to future projects. He admitted that the team “thought” it was fully prepared for launch, but realized there were “so many things” it wasn’t ready for. He also attributed many of the game’s problems to Covid-19.

“We had all the challenges everyone has had to work from home in the past year, while we never have; we certainly never launched a game like that before and then realized how much more difficult it is not only to launch but also to support it, ”Amos continued. “Everything takes three or four times longer. Like, get a build made, have a build distributed to our QA guys, get the bugs back, fix those bugs, get it tested again … just the impact on time, its implementation, it’s something that makes us took a few months to get our sea legs under us to understand what we can do. “

Crystal Dynamics has promised to fix this Marvel’s Avengers and deliver a game that ‘fans want and deserve’.

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