Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Mess Makes CDPR ‘Acquisition Candidate’

Market research and consulting firm DFC Intelligence believes CD Projekt RED has become an “acquisition candidate” Cyberpunk 2077‘s launch failure.

As noted by Video Games Chronicle, DFC posted an extensive analysis of the situation on its website, arguing that despite its best efforts to appease customers and investors, CDPR’s reputation has been tarnished. According to the firm Cyberpunk 2077The bugs are not as big of a problem as CDPR’s handling of the problem. It is clear from all its haphazard moves that the studio was not missing any PR direction, and DFC believes the disaster could have been better managed by a more experienced company.

DFC wrote:

Releasing the console versions with bugs would have been okay even if consumers knew what they were getting into. In today’s video game market, consumers are smart and willing to accept early access to buggy games. However, they want to be told in advance that they are playing an unfinished product.

The CD Projekt share fell by 50% in December. This is unacceptable for a company launching a flagship, defining product. A larger limited company could have avoided this with basic public relations and marketing. The irony is that while CD Projekt’s reputation has been tarnished, Cyberpunk 2077 is likely to still be a huge long-term success. Unfortunately, CD Projekt’s reputation has been tarnished. The company is now becoming one to keep an eye on as a takeover candidate. This was clearly the case when the marketing and publishing of a larger company would have worked wonders.

Cyberpunk 2077 remains suspended from PlayStation Store.

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