Daniel Radcliffe could reprise Harry Potter

Warner Bros wants to expand the Harry Potter saga and for this it is essential that actor Daniel Radcliffe return to the role that gave him fame.

Like the saga of Fantastic Animals It is not being as successful as they intended, in Warner Bros they want to continue expanding the saga with other characters. That would include himself Harry Potter interpreted by Daniel Radcliffe, which could return in a movie or series for the streaming platform HBO Max.

Like you are doing Star wars with the series of Disney +, the saga of Harry Potter it has many historical moments that you can adapt. Either in moments parallel to the original movies or hundreds of years in the past or future. But they want that Daniel Radcliffe is one of the great claims, therefore they cannot be far from what happened in the installments that have passed through the cinema.

So obviously they intend to do a sequel and although Daniel Radcliffe has never ruled out a return to the role that prepared him for life as a teenager, he is very focused on making a film career that takes him away from the image of Harry Potter. However, as history has shown countless times, it can never be said never in Hollywood. So his return can happen at any time, especially since he doesn’t quite have the success he achieved when he was a young wizard.

The creation of Hogwarts is a great story they could tell.

It has also been speculated that they could make a number of HBO Max where the origin of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it could be your own Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter the narrator who explains that story to his children. From like hundreds of years ago, four powerful wizards called Godric gryffindor, Helga hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin came together to create a safe place to teach magic. Hopefully this great idea will eventually get the green light from Warner Bros and we can see it in HBO Max.

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