Dark Camo Pack available November 24 for Rust Console Edition

The new Dark Camo pack launches on November 24 for Rust Console Edition and you won’t want to miss this one! This exclusive new bundle grants you one of the most requested skin designs by our players, and comes with 500 Rust Coins and access to the public test branch for Rust Console Editionwhere you can try out upcoming content before it is released in the main branch of the game.

close-up face

The militaristic style of this pack is among the favorites in Rust Console Edition, and this new design is by far the most requested color combination we’ve ever had. The darker shades allow players who wear it to blend in at night or find refuge in the shadows, while being more exposed to the sun or any other light source. In any case, this is a set you don’t want to miss out on. The Dark Camo Pack will be available on November 24 on the Xbox Store for $6.99 (price may vary by region).

power overload

Since you will be granted access to the public test branch of Rust Console Edition If you purchase the Dark Camo Pack, you can also take the opportunity to try out our latest content update available to try there, called Power Surge. This new update brings a lot of fun new components to the game and completely changes the way Rust Console Edition it is meant to be played by adding electricity to the equation.

Image 3 Windmill 1e991343c53a431e215a Dark Camo Pack available November 24 for Rust Console Edition

No more devices with “magic” power at their base! With Power Surge, everyone will have to find a power source (solar or wind) to power up all the electrical components of their base, including (but not limited to) lights, turrets, and a few traps. This opens the door for a lot of experimentation and some amazing new base designs with new components that you can automate to create amazing new traps and/or systems.

Update 1.55

With the November monthly wipe, we also had the release of update 1.55, which brought with it some impactful changes to the game, such as improvements to invalid shots that can occasionally occur, various audio fixes, and improvements to visual animation for gamers. scientific NPCs. This update will give players a stronger experience compared to the December monthly wipe, where we still have many more surprises to reveal. Be sure to visit the news section at rust.double11.com for more information on what’s coming soon. See you on the island!

Image 4 Sunrise 04aae7bd05d43625c057 Dark Camo Pack available November 24 for Rust Console Edition