Dauntless Update 1.77 brings quality of life improvements and bug fixes

Phoenix Labs unpacked the Fearless Update 1.77 Patch Noteswhich comes with numerous bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

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Shards of Chaos Island Event

The chaos of this event already worked out pretty well. We took out the fauna to focus on the shards and adjusted the rules for spawning the shard.

  • In all phases, Shards are no longer connected to any of the spawned Behemoths. They will continue to appear until both Behemoths are defeated.
  • Fauna no longer spawns at any stage.

Below Zero Island Event

This event has no more fauna or shocking behemoths – all to create a clearer theme and clearer course of battle.

  • Stage 1 is now a single Behemoth battle with the modifiers Icy Grasp and Radiant Prison.
  • Phase 2 is no longer a fauna wave. It’s now a double Behemoth battle with the modifiers Icy Grasp and Radiant Prison.
  • Stage 3 is now a final battle against Skraev or Frostwülf with the modifiers Icy Grasp, Radiant Prison and Frozen Stars.
  • Removed all Behemoth power changes from this event. (Previously, Behemoths in phase 1 had reduced power, while those in phase 2 had more power.)

Dark Matter Island Event

This event has been redesigned to better focus on the elemental theme and end with a more dramatic battle against the island’s guaranteed Behemoth.

  • Stage 1 now also includes Riftstalker as a potential spawn.
  • Phase 2 is no longer a creature wave. It is now a double Behemoth battle with an umbral Behemoth and another Behemoth from the island.
  • Stage 2 now has the Umbral Instability modifier instead of the Umbral Zones modifier.

Sudden Death Island Event

In playtests, we found that Sudden Death was a fun late-game event that really tests Slayers on their knowledge of past Behemoths. However, we also saw low engagement when this event appeared on the island, and in the second round, all players often spent most of their time waiting for a revival. We’ve added a new cooldown between the first and second that helps Slayers stay in the fight and prepare for the final battle.

  • This island event now lasts three stages.
  • Phase 2 is a hold-the-point round in which bombers of various sizes will attempt to knock players out of the ring.
  • Phase 2 brings all players back to life and replenishes all equipped consumables upon completion.
  • Stage 3 is a battle against an advanced Behemoth (such as Riftstalker or Stormclaw).

Infernal Gaze Island Event

Compared to the other event that naturally appears on The Blazeworks, this event had fewer rewards for players. It now has a third round to increase the total number of rewards for participating. The modifiers in this event have been adjusted for a smoother ascending difficulty.

  • This island event now lasts three stages.
  • Removed the danger zones modifier from phase 2.
  • Stage 3 has Splitting Lava and Danger Zones modifiers.
  • Added Phaelanx as a potential spawn in phase 3.

High Alert Island Event

All High Alert events on each island are tuned to create a more satisfying challenge fight worth taking your time for. We’ve reduced the ability to stagger these battles, but also lowered the Behemoth level so that Slayers will no longer encounter Behemoths that are significantly higher than what is expected on a particular island.

  • Removed the time limit for this event. However, beware of the hazard meter!
  • Behemoths are now a maximum of one level above the island they appear on.
  • Significantly increased the staggering health of Behemoths. (They are harder to stagger.)
  • Significantly increased Behemoth’s elemental health. (It’s harder to activate elemental effects.)
  • Increased the health of Behemoths. (Behemoths on later islands have greater health gains.)
  • Removed all partial health reductions.
  • Increased the power of Behemoths slightly.


Some bounties are either set too high or too low, these changes will bring them more in line with the rest of the other bounties in terms of time taken for completion.

  • All bounties that ask players to kill Behemoths of two different elements now require 6/9/12 kills (Bronze/Silver/Gold).
  • Increased Raw Nerves’ wound damage on enraged Behemoths from 3,000/4,500/6,000 to 15,000/22,500/30,000 (Bronze/Silver/Gold).
  • Increased wound damage from mortal wounds (with taking damage penalty) from 5,000/7,500/10,000 to 40,000/60,000/80,000 (Bronze/Silver/Gold).

Quality of life


  • Improved some collision detection for gliders.
  • Added new sounds while sliding, to better communicate the speed.

Bug fixes


  • Frostwülf will now properly flee the Coldrunner Key island when the hazard gauge reaches 100%.


  • Bloodshot Shrowd’s attack damage window now more closely matches the animation. However, it still hurts.

The chronovore

  • Fixed some skinning issues with the Chronovore’s mouth and tail, reducing the number of ugly stretches and bends.


  • The Hunger special meter no longer resets on Behemoth kills when the Feast ability is not active.


  • Various fixes to ensure challenges are displayed correctly and challenge progress is not carried over from previous seasons.


  • Walking by the tree in front of the fourth arena in Blaze Escalation no longer results in unappealing camera zooms.
  • Fixed an invisible hole in the ground on Coldrunner Key and Boreal Outpost. It was a trap!
  • Fallen trees no longer move in the wind.


  • The Age of Titans chest transmog can now connect to leg armor pieces with less clipping.
  • The Elder Dustrobes chest transmog now seems less stiff. Relax.


  • Fixed an issue where island event music would not play and/or would occasionally cut out. Music during island events now continues until the end of the event.
  • Updated battle music transitions in Behemoth battles to more accurately reflect gameplay context.
  • Added music to the Chronoslayer event pass, which is unlocked by crafting all Chronovore armor pieces.


  • The bounty tokens awarded as a Slayer Link reward are now premium bounty tokens, as intended.