Dauntless Update 1.78 Adds New Behemoth, The Crystal Mine Cave System

Phoenix Labs has the lid on the Fearless Update 1.78 Patch Notes to feast your eyes on, this time with a ton of new content, such as an explorable cave system (The Crystal Mine) and a new Behemoth variant.

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New to Dauntless

Variant Behemoth: Lightbound Koshai

A type of crystalline Koshai has been spotted on the Shattered Isles. Like the Chronovore, it bends time itself by the power of radiant ether† But where did this new Behemoth come from? And why is it so interested in an Orrery mining operation on Conundrum Rocks? Rumor has it that the parts of this Behemoth can be used to create a new kind of omnicell.

Omnicell: Artist

With the new Artificer omnicell you can channel the almost mystical power of radiant ether and step into a real supporting role, armed with a crystal-clear drone that can perform various actions. As soon as you unlock this omnicell on Milestone VII in the Slayer’s Pathuse Brilliant Plumes from the Lightbound Koshai to make it.

Active: Send your drone to a target to make it perform one of four actions:

1. Relivable Slayer: Revive and give a Slayer the Artificer Aura* for 15 seconds. Can only perform this revival once every 90 seconds.
2. Active Slayer: Clean the target Slayer of all status effects and give him the Artificer Aura* for 15 seconds.
3. colossus: Highlight a Behemoth item to take +15% damage from all resources for 15 seconds.
4. Ground: Surround an area with a radiant wall for 15 seconds. The radiant wall blocks enemy projectiles and beams and applies the Artificer Aura* to all Slayers within.

Calm down: 20 seconds

* Artist Aura: Slayers in the aura recover 10 health per second. When their health is full, a stackable shield with 10 health points is awarded every second. Health Shield lasts 25 seconds. Up to 400 shields.

passive: Healing and Shielding you grant is increased by 1 for every 150 lives you have when you get them.

Enigma Rocks: The Crystal Mine

Conundrum Rocks has a new explorable cave system. When the Orrery discovered this cave of glittering crystal, they sent a team to study and extract the mineral. What secrets will you discover there?

Aether Wind

Honest Ozz has discovered powerful streams of invisible ether and he needs your help in investigating these strange phenomena. Take to the skies with your glider in a brand new island activity that responds to these ethereal currents.

Find Aether Wind crystals and use the power of a patrol key to activate them. Once activated, they attune you to the radiation frequency of the ether and mark the flows with crystal rings. Fly through each ring to earn a reward

To start, look for Honest Ozz on Conundrum Rocks. Master all six courses on Conundrum Rocks and The Paradox Breaks for maximum rewards.

Hunt Pass: Reach of Radiance

The Reach of Radiance Hunt Pass shines with a full armor set, two bonus armor transmogs, 950 total platinum and more. Will you embrace the light, Slayer?New dawn: dazzling radiance

The New Dawn season continues with more Weekly Challenges, Story Missions and Reward Cache Items† Join Kat and Arkan to discover the secrets of a powerful new Behemoth. In addition, keep collecting Shady Coins to unlock a shadowy set of infiltrator weapons and armor cosmetics. Remember, the brightest lights cast the longest shadows.


Events on Aether Surge Island

  • As the standard event on most islands, Aether Surge still had some strange inconsistencies and limitations that kept it from being an exciting moment during the adventure. We’ve updated the way these events identify pools of available behemoths to increase variety while preserving each island’s identity.
  • All Aether Surge events are now 3 rounds (some were 4).
  • Round 1 is a solo Behemoth battle.
  • Round 2 is a fauna wave.
  • Round 3 is a double Behemoth fight.
  • New expanded Behemoth pools generated for all Aether Surge events.


  • Due to animation changes in patch 1.9.0, Lacerating Onslaught generated too many meters and outperformed Blade Spin in terms of DPS. We’ve rebalanced the Metering for Lacerating Onslaught and polished Blade Spin so that the latter is once again the best DPS combo.
  • Increased Blade Spin damage per hit from 65 to 85.
  • Reduced meter generation of Lacerating Onslaught attacks from 10/10(x2)/30 to 10/8(x2)/20.


  • Ragetail Gnasher’s tail attacks now send shockwaves that only go towards the tail during each strike. This is to prevent a Slayer from dodging a tail attack and only being hit by the shock wave. rejoice.


  • Slightly increased the toughness of Shadowtouched Koshai’s antlers, as they don’t grow back like regular spiky Koshai’s.
  • All Koshai tail attacks now have clearer clues.


  • Styxian attacks are now much shorter, deal more damage to the front and no longer require button mash to escape.

Quality of life


  • Swinging Blades returns, with some tweaks. Hold a light attack when not in the middle of another combo to perform Swinging Blades. That’s a fancy way of saying, “Swing your knives with reckless abandon.”


  • Added three new Expert Handling nodes to Milestone IX in the Slayer’s Path. Each node reduces gliding endurance.
  • Made swoops and dives more dynamic and responsive.
  • Improvement of the glider collision system to avoid unexpected crashes.

Bug fixes


  • Koshai’s antlers cannot be cut off once they are fully grown.
  • Shadowtouched Koshai’s antler can now be aimed and is now a clear break from the head.


  • Fixed an issue where Kharabak’s ether-loaded blades could be hit before appearing.


  • Fixed some issues where Behemoths would get stuck near walls.
  • Fixed an issue where “on kill” rewards increased when the same Behemoth was hunted multiple times in a row. Bonus loot rolls are now properly reset.
  • Fixed an issue where Behemoths crawling out of the ground would enter arenas in strange ways.


  • Frost Sprites spawned by Boreus weapons now clean properly when switching weapons.


  • Fixed an issue where players could “turn in” the same item for multiple missions.


  • The “Buy low, cell high” achievement/trophy now unlocks correctly when you swap an epic cell.

user interface

  • The Reforge celebration will no longer appear for players when another player reforge after them.
  • Frostwülf and Sahvyt’s unique weapon effects now display the correct values ​​when inspected.