Days Gone Dev Wanted To Make Uncharted Prequel

Days Gone director and former Bend Studio employee Jeff Ross, who has been in the news for criticizing Sony’s treatment of Days Gone, has revealed that he once wanted to make an Uncharted prequel starring a young Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Speaking to Colin Moriarty on a Sacred Symbols podcast (transcribed by Video Games Chronicle), Ross said he came up with his idea of ​​an Uncharted prequel after Sony rejected Days Gone 2.

What an Uncharted prequel would have meant

“Victor Sullivan at age 25 in a very stylized world where it would be around 1976, I think, is where we figured out his age could be,” Ross said. “He left the Navy for reasons, and I thought of seeing him young and trying to make his way in this world – from trying to be a soldier or, you know, a soldier to now I’m just hitting the streets and I am becoming a scammer.”

Ross added that his version of Sully would be a “sexy” character like Sean Connery in James Bond. His rendition of the 1970s is said to have been inspired by Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “That’s what I wanted to do without leaning into the cheap parts of the ’70s,” he concluded.

Opinion: I’d rather have a new Uncharted with Chloe

Zamena writes… As much as I love Sully’s character, I think we’ve seen enough of him and Nathan Drake all over the world. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and hope to see a full-fledged game focused on Chloe. Heck, even Nadine or Drake’s daughter will do it. But no more Sully, please.

In other news, Martha is Dead is being censored on PlayStation and Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 20 million copies.

[Source: Sacred Symbols via VGC]