Dead Space Remake Has New ‘Flesh Peeling’ Mutilation System

Motive made an unusual move for a major AAA studio today, showing off pre-production gameplay and concepts from the Empty space redo. The community livestream was intended to show fans their ideas for modernizing the classic game, as well as get feedback on whether they’re moving in the right direction as they try to evolve what came before, while staying true to the core of the classic. The stream showcased a new “meat peel system” that adds another layer to the mutilation system, revealed original Isaac Clarke voice actor Gunner Wright returned to voice the character in the remake, and showed them updating the environment with added fidelity and detail. .

Mutilation system updates were one of the central things the stream focused on, showing the concept motif for improving how you’ll cut off limbs. Shots will now tear the flesh away, exposing the bone. Hit another spot and you’re not cutting the limb, you’re just removing more flesh. This makes the game even more tactical than the original, requiring a little more precision in your shots to remove the limbs. In addition, thicker areas of flesh that remain attached after a mutilation can cause a limb to become detached but still dangle from the attached flesh. While showing nothing more than the “naked necromorph,” they hinted that armor and clothing could open up even more possibilities for tactical gameplay.

This gives new life to other weapons in addition to the classic plasma cutter. You can now get a better idea of ​​how much damage you’re dealing by watching the enemies’ flesh fall and even exposing weaknesses that can then be shot as the plasma cutter for mutilation. It opens up many possibilities for new thrills and exciting gameplay moments with more visceral details.

The stream also revealed another surprising detail: Despite having no voice in the original game (other than that growl and scream as he stomped on necromorphs), Isaac Clarke voice actor Gunnar Wright (of Dead space 2 and 3) returns to the role for the Dead Space remake. Don’t worry, they won’t suddenly make Isaac talk all the time and ruin those scary moments. In fact, they have a few core rules to make sure his talk doesn’t break the tension. First, he will mostly only speak when spoken to. The second rule is that when he speaks outside the first line, it is only in places where it would make no sense for him to remain silent.

Along with Wright’s return, the Motive developers confirmed an expanded story that will maintain the focus of the original game’s iconic story, but provide greater insight into other characters and do more to highlight the fact that Isaac’s entire struggle goal is to find Nicolette.

Motive also used the stream to showcase how they improved the environments and how they moved around, such as fixing the original game’s jarring zero-G jumps.

You can view the full Empty space community live stream video on demand on Twitch.

Dead Space currently has no release date, but is on its way to new-gen consoles and PC. Rumors put the release at the end of 2022 at the earliest.