Death Stranding sales reached 5 million at the end of March 2021

Death Stranding had sold 5 million copies on PlayStation 4 and PC by the end of March 2021. Speaking to, Jay Boor, head of publishing Kojima Productions, said, “From a sales perspective, it performed pretty well,” especially since the title is the title. first developed by the studio and is a completely new and quite unusual IP.

Now that the game has sold over 5 million copies, the studio is confident Death Stranding Director’s Cut will also do “very well”. The exclusive version of the game for PlayStation 5 comes with a host of new features that “will be carefully interwoven with the core gaming experience and made available through discovery as you play.” These include new weapons, gear and vehicles, as well as UI improvements and online features such as Friend Play and leaderboards. The storylines have been expanded with new missions and areas to explore, such as a new shooting range. New game modes are also coming, including a new Fragile Circuit racing mode and a Very Hard mode.

Content currently exclusive to the PC version of the game will also be added to the PS5 version, such as the half-life and Cyberpunk 2077 contents. These include themed missions, vehicles, gear, holograms, cosmetic items, and even new abilities. Of course, there are also the usual PS5 console features such as haptic feedback and adaptive trigger resistance from the DualSense controller, 3D audio, faster load times thanks to the console’s SSD, Performance mode with upscaled 4K and 60FPS and Fidelity mode with native 4K.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming exclusively to PS5 on September 24th and coming in standard and Digital Deluxe Edition variants. Those who already have the game on PS4 can upgrade to the PS5 Digital Deluxe Edition for $10 and then transfer their save files. All new content is available to everyone, even if you’ve already completed the game; those who have done this can jump straight to the areas where they can find the new content.