Deathloop Hotfix released today, brings a player-requested feature back to the game

death loop developer Arkane Lyon released a quick one hot fix for the game, addressing a number of issues. One is an issue that prevents players from earning achievements, while the other brings back the ability to attach mines to throwable objects.

The news was announced via the official Twitter account in front of death loop Today. It’s a short announcement, just start right away and let players know Arkane will listen.

A lot of players missed the ability to attach mines to throwable objects and the meta that the gameplay brought with it, so it’s great to see it making a comeback.

Since it’s just a quick fix, it doesn’t take up any real space and doesn’t make any significant changes to the current size of the game. It’s only a minor update at 390MB, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

While death loop may not have new content on the horizon, (as far as we know) the team behind it may have some hardware in their path. death loop has been nominated for several Game Awards, including game of the year.

Do you think it will take home the big prize? Let us know in the comments below.

Source – [Twitter]