Deep Rock Galactic has been reviewed for PS4 and PS5

A new listing appeared on Taiwan’s national game rating board, indicating that the title mining survival Deep Rock Galactic will be coming to the PS4 and PS5 in the near future. There is currently no information on a possible release date. Neither developer Ghost Ship Games nor publisher Coffee Stain Studios have confirmed the PlayStation ports. However, the Taiwanese game rating board has accurately leaked upcoming game releases in the past.

Deep Rock Galactic was originally an early access game for PC, originally available on Steam since 2018. Coffee Stain Studios later officially released the game for PC and Xbox One in 2020 to positive reception.

The game has yet to be officially released for next-gen and PlayStation consoles. However, a “major update” will also be announced on November 4, 2021. Ghost Ship Games too released a teaser a few days ago. It is possible that the PS4 and PS5 ports will be announced on that day.

A cooperative first-person multiplayer game, Deep Rock Galactic let players control a team of four space dwarves exploring procedurally generated cave systems. Players explore the cave systems to collect valuable resources while fighting strange aliens. There are a total of four playable classes, from an Engineer who can lay down sentries to a Flamethrower with Driller class.

Since its release, Deeprock Galactic has received several cosmetic additions such as the MegaCorp Pack and Dark Future Pack. The additions allow players to customize the look of their weapons with cyberpunk and high-tech themes. Most recently, Ghost Ship Games released a series of special Halloween themed headgear.

In 2018, THQ bought Nordic Coffee Stain Studios in a slew of acquisitions that year. Blessed Group later bought THQ Nordic earlier this year, and continues to grow and acquire more video game companies, publishers and studios.