Denis Villeneuve defends cinema and streaming platforms

Although the pandemic has done a lot of damage to the film industry, director Denis Villeneuve still thinks that cinema is compatible with streaming.

Denis Villeneuve premiered a few months ago DUNE, a film that is shot to enjoy in the best way in theaters. However, it has recently become available on hbo max and the fans continue to enjoy it in the same way. Therefore, one experience should not be at odds with the other.

Recently Denis Villeneuve He said that cinema is a way of mixing the old with the new:

“Cinema was born in theaters. The language was created for the big screen. Today these roots have been weakened by the pandemic. I think it’s imperative to bring back the balance between the theatrical experience and streaming services.”

“Movie theaters need a reasonable amount of time to preserve that original language. I absolutely believe there is room for both to exist, but theaters need our love right now. Otherwise, we may lose something even more fundamental as human beings. We need the accumulated experience. There is nothing like the feeling that we are one, together.

Cinema is slowly returning to the pre-pandemic era.

The film industry received 3 very hard blows due to COVID-19. Since on the one hand, many shoots were stopped and sanitary measures increased costs. Also, movie theaters were not a safe place for people to gather and many screening companies were on the brink of ruin. Finally, streaming has become much stronger and more and more people prefer to stay at home instead of going to the movies. Luckily, movies that are more enjoyable on the big screen like DUNE from Denis Villeneuve, Spider-Man: No Way Home or batmanthey can give people back the desire to go to the theater and thus save the industry.

They have already confirmed that Denis Villeneuve will do DUNE Part 2 and that will be released in 2023.