Destiny 2: Guardian Games 2022 Begins

Greetings Guardians! What year has it been for fate 2 so far. the witch queen was released a couple of months ago and the story it started is currently being developed in Season of the Risen. If you haven’t taken the plunge, I recommend you stop by to check out some of the new gear, locations, and activities that have been introduced in the past few months.

Now, let’s avoid accidentally spoiling the expansion by jumping right into why today is an exciting day for fate 2 players Today is the day that titans, warlocks, and hunters shake the Throneworld mud off their boots, return to the newly decorated Tower, and begin the annual competition that will determine which of the three classes reigns supreme. That’s right, Guardian Games is back!

This free event takes place May 3-24 and culminates in a closing ceremony where one class will be honored with a trophy that remains in the Tower throughout the year. Along with a trophy erected in the game’s main social space comes bragging rights, new gear and cosmetics to earn, and of course, fun new ways to play.

New games

The Competitive Attack Playlist

A new PvE playlist is available for the duration of the event. Here, you can earn Strike Medals as you rack up points to beat the high score each week. By completing various feats like multiple kills and kill streaks, you will flood your score with extra points. Basically show the rest of your fireteam what the skill looks like.

That is, assuming you have chosen to jump into matchmaking. If you’re interested in upping the challenge and making a statement about your mastery of your class, there’s also a solo version of the Competitive Strike Playlist.

And because sometimes you need to warm up first, both the matchmaking and solo versions of the attack playlist have training and competitive versions. Jump into the training playlist and earn some buffs first. Then, when you’re ready to work up a sweat, head to the competition to get those high scores and win glory for your class.

free to roam

Are you more interested in investigating Throne World or fighting in one of the new PsiOps Battlegrounds? We don’t blame you! We know there are a lot of great things to do in the game right now and no matter what you’re focusing on, we want to make sure you can still represent your class in the Games. So, grab some rewards and go on your adventures. You will automatically collect Laurels that you can deposit in the Tower to help your class get on the podium of the Guardian Games.

While there are a ton of options on how to play, it seems like supporting your class is a must.

Also, fun. Fun is mandatory.

new rewards

While we know securing bragging rights throughout the year is a reward worth its weight in gold, we’ve also added new gear and cosmetics to unlock:

  • Title – Find your perfect roll in this legendary machine gun; only available during the event.
  • new cosmetics – A new collection from Guardian Games that will get your Ghost, your friends, and your squad into a competitive spirit. Land in the prestigious top 10% of Guardians and unlock a new emblem as well.
  • New armor ornaments – One of the highlights of each Guardian Games, stop by Eververse to check out the new sets of shiny ornaments. When the closing ceremonies begin, show up in style.
  • And more!

the fire of competition

Before the event ends and your class’s victory is immortalized with a trophy in the Tower, you’ll be able to earn armor glows throughout the event. At the end of each week, each class gains an armor glow that changes based on their rank. Will your brilliance instill pride or spur you into action? No matter which one you win, they all look amazing.

But we didn’t stop with class recognition. There are also torches in the Tower that you can light to earn glows to show off your individual efforts. On top of that, whoever has the highest score in the Tower at any given time gets a special glow, that is, until someone with a better score transmats.

Just get an unbeatable score and you won’t have to worry about it. Easy.

timeless metal

Bungie Rewards is also getting in on the action. The Bungie Consumer Products team has created two new items that you can unlock for purchase simply by playing the game. Finally, something you can literally stop when your friend foolishly tells you that his class is better than yours.

Sign in to your account and head over to the Bungie Rewards page to take a look at how to earn the new Guardian Games mug and medal.

Thanks for playing

you return to fate 2 for expansions? Maybe you’ll get the Deluxe editions and play all the seasons too. Or maybe you enjoy the game for free and stop by from time to time to events like this. Regardless of how often we see you around the Tower, we thank you. Events like Guardian Games are made special because of you, made special because of the bond we share with those who have chosen to walk the same path as us.

I was in a store the other day and I saw someone with a Hunter tattoo on their arm. Even before we started talking, I knew we were going to get along.

No matter your class, hop on and find your fellow Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. They are logging in today to set the record straight for the rest of the year and they need your help and a high five.

Good luck and have fun, Guardians. I’ll see you next to the stars.