Destiny 2 Leaks on Bungie 30th Anniversary Halo Crossover

a new Lot 2 leak seems to indicate that Bungie has a big Destiny 2 Halo crossover later this year to fill the gap between the season 15 launch and the delayed one witch queen extension. The leak also claims to have a ton of details about: The Witch Queen expansion and story, which we won’t describe here in case any of them turn out to be true.

As with all leaks and rumours, once again we should preface this one with a few grains of salt. However, this particular leak has some veracity, maybe, or maybe not. It comes in the form of a Pastebin dump with information. Evidence shows that this document was created in January (although that could be faked), and some of the details have already come out. For example, it quotes the witch queen tagline like “Survive the Truth”, which is what Bungie used to hype next month’s stream to show off the new expansion and future of Lot 2.

It also includes accurate details about past seasons. So unless data is manipulated, much of what’s written here appears to be legit. However, these details have not been confirmed or confirmed in any way, and it is possible that it will be changed afterwards to make it look like it predicts things correctly. As we said before, big grain of salt here. We tend to think this isn’t true, but it’s a fun piece of fanfiction nonetheless.

The leak claims that a 30th Anniversary pack will be released on December 21, 2021, celebrating Bungie’s 30th anniversary in Lot 2 with crossovers not only with Halo, as well as other Bungie titles Myth, Roads to the Darkness, oni, and Marathon.

  • Halo:
    • -Sniper (heavy exotic)
    • -Gravity Hammer (heavy exotic)
    • -Battle Rifle (legendary)
    • -CE Magnum (legendary)
  • Marathon:
  • Myth:
  • Paths and Darkness [sic]:
  • oni:
    • – Not sure yet (maybe Season Pass armor)

This event/pack reportedly includes a weapon-only PvP mode called “Hardware” (no skills, supers, etc.), four new PvP maps (two new and two returning from Lot 1), a special event where strange coins from The Nine are bought to buy Gjallarhorn from Xur, and a dungeon with return Lot 1 weapons. It is rumored to also contain armor cosmetics that: Halo-theme. The 30th anniversary pack will reportedly cost $20, but it’s unclear what’s part of the pack and what’s part of a free update at the time. Plus, a lot of things could potentially change before it finally ships if this leak carries any weight. Which it most likely won’t, for a number of reasons.

In some ways, it looks like the 30th anniversary pack is being staged as a sort of “Season 15.5”, bigger than a seasonal event, but smaller than a full season to bridge the gap between Season 15, which launches in August 2021 and The Witch Queen/Season 16’s release in early 2022 (reportedly February 22, 2022). Whether it was staged that way by Bungie itself or by an overzealous fanfiction writer trying to get invisible internet points remains to be seen.

TheGamePost, which first reported on these leaks, notes that “we’ve seen Bungie use some quotes from” Halo including, ‘Don’t promise anything…’, ‘I need a weapon…’, and ‘You know the music…” which could be hints of what’s to come, or it could just be Bungie leaning into its history.

If you want check out the full Pastebin document for yourself, you can see it here, but be warned, there are potentially major spoilers for what’s to come (or possibly a huge bit of fanfiction to whip you up for something that won’t be real in the end).

Some have expressed their own concerns about the document’s legitimacy, noting that much of it appears to have been written from a more recent perspective (referring to the Presage mission), despite it being written in January (well before Presage before players was launched). Others have pointed to inconsistencies throughout the document, although some argue that this could be because it was a document that has been updated by multiple people over time. However, if it does, the January 2021 creation/modified date will be questioned, causing more issues with its accuracy.

True or not, Bungie must have something ready to fill the time gap with The Witch Queen shifted to early 2022. Season 15 will launch in August, meaning there are still two to three months until the end of the season before the new expansion arrives. Bungie will have to do something to extend the season until witch queen arrives.

It will be a little over a month before we find out how accurate the leak is. With the information now sufficiently dated July 14, Bungie’s reveal of The Witch Queen, Season 15, and the future of Lot 2 on August 24 will either confirm the details or blow the lid off this fake. For now, it’s at least fun to read, especially if you don’t mind possible spoilers. Don’t take it too seriously until we hear more official news straight from Bungie itself.

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