Destroy all humans! 2: Re-tested confirmed for PS5

UPDATE: We previously tried the tweet from the official . to include Play station account with a trailer, but it looks like Destroy all humans! 2: Re-probed was announced early and the tweet has since been deleted.

Destroy all humans! and cryptocurrencies return in a sequel that was previously teased by THQ but is now confirmed as Destroy all humans! 2: Reported, Comes to PS5.

Oddly enough, there is no mention of another platform at the moment, so for now it may be a Play station timed exclusively, but what’s even more curious is the lack of any mention of PS4, indicating that the franchise is moving exclusively to PS5.

Destroy all humans! was a franchise that was originally released on the Playstation 2, and after it is recreated for PS4, seems to be breathing new life into the franchise now that an entirely new fan base, mixed between fans of both the original and the remake, has come together.

The remake faced some controversy over how the developers did little to tweak much of the game’s dated humor, so it’ll be interesting if we see the same thing happen, though, given that both original games can be classified under games that don’t age well when it comes to their content and many of the interactions you have with the people of the earth.

Source – [Twitter]