Details on Tomb Raider 2 given

Alicia Vikander, protagonist of Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara Croft, gave some details and advances on the development of the sequel to it, Obsidian.

After many years, tomb Raider returned to the big screen in 2018. Angelina Jolie had personified Lara Croft, the protagonist of the video game saga, on two occasions. In 2001 and 2003, the actress took the place of the adventurer, but, for multiple reasons, the sequence of tapes got there.

However, fifteen years Alicia vikander it replaced it in a production that moderately convinced the critics and the public. On this occasion, the directive work was in charge of Roar uthaug, who did not renew to continue in a possible saga.

At the same time, Misha green, who did the same with the series of HBO, Lovecraft country, will be the one who fulfills these tasks in the sequel, titled Obsidian. There is no plot, cast, or scheduled release date for this. However, the star who will star, Vikander, did give a little advance on the production.

When the studio first said they were interested in a sequel, I was really excited. When Misha was mentioned to me and I saw the work on Lovecraft Country, I was very impressed. […] It’s so much fun in the Zooms I’ve had with Misha finally sitting down with another woman my age. I can talk about great action scenes and stunts that we want to do. I hope we get on our way and we can do something together“Said the actress.

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Even so, more details are still awaited, since apparently Green was already working on an outline of the script that will be used. Now there is the expectation of knowing what will go and if any other celebrity will be present.

Obsidian is still waiting to start production. Meanwhile, the franchise will continue to expand, as Netflix prepare an animated series that will revolve around it. In this case, the actress Hayley Atwell will bring Croft to life.

Source: Collider